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The Society for the Proliferation and Defense of Fluff Weekly

Spreading the Squee, One Fic at a Time

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Society for the Proliferation and Defense of Fluff
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Because we all need fluff. It is the thing that makes angst okay, it is the squee of our day. And what is life without squee? Really now. Be honest.

The SPDF was originally a concept thought up by mylittleredgirl and daisycm83 in an attempt to reward people who grace the fanfic world with the joy that is fluffy fic. However, as it really only consisted of the two of us being geeky and randomly spamming each other with exclaimations like "Yay for the SPDF!", it didn't exactly take off.

Now, SPDF has been expanded into this lovely little weekly fic community. The aim? To provide the Stargate fandom with as much well-written and happy fluff as possible.

This is how it works:

Immediately after you join, post a reply to this post. Depending on your answers, I'll know whether or not you want to participate in a weekly attempt to provide fluff for the masses or if you'd prefer to post at your own leisure (or, really, if you'd just like to lurk in the background and squee over other people's fluff). Then, either wait to hear from me regarding your assignment or just sit back and wait for the fluff to appear on your flist!

Occasionally, there may even be SPDF awards handed out. I have no idea what this shall entail, and the reward shall probably be something extremely silly like a gold star, but there it is.

Of course, like any community, the SPDF has rules. But they're fairly easy ones to grasp.

The Rules:

1. First (and we would hope this is obvious, but hey) ONLY fluff is allowed on this club. If you have to ask if your fic is fluffy, it's probably not. Of course, a fic may have other genres within it and still qualify for SPDF status, but the prevailing feel of the fic must be one of fluffiness.

2. We are open to any and all het 'ships in either the SG-1 or the SGA fandom (including crossover pairings if that's your thing). All we ask is that every fic be very clearly labeled with regards to the pairing it contains. Sorry, no slash.

3. There will be absolutely NO ragging on other people's pairings. A ship isn't your cup of tea? Fine. But please, just ignore it or, y'know, try to find something nice to say.

4. All fic that is posted here MUST have been beta'd. If you do not have a beta, ask for one--if no one volunteers, then I'll find one for you.

5. We prefer a minimum of about 500 words for a fic. It's not that we don't respect the drabble artform, it's just, well, that we sort of reserve the right to find them moderately annoying.

6. One fic per post, please. It's just easier for the reader.

7. We maintain that yes, absolutely, smut can be fluffy. As such, all ratings are allowed here. Point being, label your fic and read responsibly or whatever.

8. Fluffy fic recs are also more than welcome at the SPDF. Please, share your favorite fluff pieces so others can enjoy.

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