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Stitches: Turning Heels

Title: Turning Heels

Author: Christi and Katrina

Rating: PG

Timeline: During Chimera

Summary: An unexpected event in Sam's life causes her to reevaluate.

Author's Notes: So, we've reached that inevitable point. Luckily, seeing as canon no longer applies, it probably doesn't mean what you think it does.

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Stitches: Wrong Side / Right Side

Title: Wrong Side/Right Side

Author: Christi and Katrina

Rating: PG-13

Timeline: During the tail end of Avenger 2.0, after Evolution Part 2, and then after Grace

Summary: Some tense work situations lead to some tense personal ones.

Author's Notes: So while we've been playing fast and loose with canon for awhile, I think this fic is the official point of no return. Canon, at this point, becomes rather subjective - i.e. something we pay attention to only when we absolutely have to.

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Fic: Bobbin' Along

Title: Bobbin' Along

Author: Katrina

Rating: PG

Timeline: After Unnatural Selection

Summary: Jonas has had a rough few weeks, and it starts to show.

Author's Notes: You know, Jonas (regrettably) wasn’t around long, but man, they liked to give him the emo when he was!

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